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Karban TV Systems Inc. was formed in 1984 to build and operate small cable systems in small communities that were considered to be too "rural" by the large cable television companies. KTVS began providing cable service in 1985 to Three Lakes, Wisconsin. At completion, the smallest cable television system in the state. Mercer Cable TV followed in 1988, Land O'Lakes Cable TV in 1989 and Boulder Junction Cable TV in 1990.

Karban TV Systems has succeeded in providing high quality cable service in small rural markets where any economies of scale are near to impossible to achieve. The "better" basic cable networks, several premium services and local network affiliate channels have been the mainstay of our service.

Karban TV Systems began offering High Speed Internet in Three Lakes in 2010, Land O'Lakes in 2012, Mercer in 2014, and Boulder Junction in 2015. Our high speed internet is truly the best internet service available. We have our many satisfied customers to thank for our success.

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John R. Karban